What is a Dharma Celebration?

There are a lot of really great events taking place here in Harrisburg over the next few months, but it’s worth making a special mention of an event happening outside of our Center, the Mid-Atlantic Dharma Celebration at the Kadampa World Peace Temple in Baltimore coming up on March 18th – 20th. This one is not to be missed!


Outside of KMC Maryland

A Dharma Celebration is a regional Buddhist meditation festival where people gather to receive blessings, learn about the Buddhist spiritual path, and meditate together. In general, Dharma Celebrations are organized by Kadampa Meditation Centers (KMC’s) in collaboration with other nearby Kadampa Buddhist Centers in various regions of the United States and elsewhere in the world. Here in southern Pennsylvania, we are fortunate to be relatively close to the sites of two annual Dharma Celebrations, KMC New York, where the Northeast Dharma Celebration is held in the fall, and now KMC Maryland, which will host the first annual Mid-Atlantic Dharma Celebration in just a few weeks.

Inspiring Teachers

Attending a Dharma Celebration is a chance to listen to inspiring Teachers. The main teacher at the Mid-Atlantic Dharma Celebration will be Kadam Morten Clausen, who is the Eastern US National Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition, and Resident Teacher at KMC New York City and Bodh Gaya Center in Queens. Kadam Morten has been a student of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s for over 30 years, and has extensive experience teaching Buddhist meditation in Europe and the United States. You can read more about Kadam Morten here.



Kadam Morten will grant the empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa and give teachings on Mahamudra Tantra, the quick path to enlightenment.

In addition to Kadam Morten’s teachings, Gen Kelsang Chogden, Resident Teacher of KMC Maryland, is scheduled to kick off the weekend with an introductory talk, and Gen Kelsang Nyema, Resident Teacher of Vajrayogini Kadampa Buddhist Center in Washington DC, will lead guided meditations to help deepen our experience with the meaning of the teachings presented throughout the weekend. Read more about them here.

Inspiring Friends


Inside the World Peace Cafe at KMC Maryland

At a Dharma Celebration you also have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, each putting sincere effort into the development of inner peace. Some have been studying and practicing Dharma for a long time, while others may be just getting started. Either way, it’s always inspiring to see other people striving to develop the good qualities of love, compassion, and wisdom.

Between teachings and meditations at KMC Maryland, you will find people downstairs in the World Peace Cafe enjoying a cup of coffee or tea – new friends getting to know one another, old friends catching up. Very often people help and encourage one another by discussing the meaning of the teachings and sharing their experiences. It’s a great time to ask questions and make a connection with a spiritual community, or Sangha.

Please visit the official website of the Mid-Atlantic Dharma Celebration for more information and to register here: www.midatlanticdharmacelebration.org

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