Important Health Information About Our Classes

Due to COVID-19 safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, there will be changes to how classes are conducted.

What we’re doing:

  • Our meditation room has been adjusted so up to 6 people can be seated 6 feet apart
  • Frequent contact surfaces will be sanitized before and after classes
  • Disinfectant materials will be available for the public restroom
  • Bottled water is available to drink

What we’re asking you to do:

  • Wear a mask to help protect others.  A large number of people who have COVID-19 are asymptomatic, which means that while they are infected and spread the virus to others, they do not experience any symptoms, such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath.  Public health experts believe widespread face covering may reduce up to 80% of COVID-19 transmission.  When you come to in-person classes at Kalpa Bhadra, wear your own mask or a disposable surgical mask will be provided to you.  You and all other attendees will be asked to wear the mask while inside the building.
  • Sanitize your hands upon arriving using the hand sanitizer located near the entry.
  • Keep a distance of 6 feet between yourself and others.
  • Stay home if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or if you have been in close contact with someone who might have COVID-19.

Please consult the following resources to identify COVID-19 symptoms:

Please email us at if you have any questions.  Let us all stay healthy and enjoy our Buddhist study safely together.